Blocked Drains



There's nothing much worse than getting a blocked drain late at night or during the weekend when there's nobody on hand to fix it. But now there's no need to wait for service:


  • We’re on call 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
  • No mileage (within Christchurch City).
  • No extra charges for weekends when servicing external blocked drains.
    (note - there may be an extra charge for internal blocked drains) 
  • Fast, prompt service from experienced professional staff.


Sewer and Stormwater drains are cleared through our sister company Canterbury Waterblast using high pressure waterblasting units that work up to 8000PSI.  With specialised cutting nozzles they effectively remove tree roots from the line.  Waterblasting is also the most effective way to remove build up of silt and mud on stormwater drains and clearing fat and sewage matter on sewer lines. 


Need a repair? All of our drainage maintenance jobs are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible, providing you with a solution to your problem at the highest possible standard. We love to problem solve, and aim to repair your drains in the most cost effective way.  We can also offer a 'no dig' solution to repair drains - perfect for under stamped concrete, hills or floors.  Check out our Nuflow page for more detail.

Through our sister company  we are able to offer our customers a full service for:

- Water Blasting

- Steam Cleaning
- Septic Tanks/Liquid Waste Removal

- Hydro-excavation


Drainage Video (CCTV)

Do you have problem drains? Or do you just want to check the condition of your drain? Then our colour video unit is just what you need!

With 80m of cable, we put our video unit through an inspection point of your drain. From there, we can see exactly what is causing your problem, or the condition of your drain. If necessary, we are also able to use the navitrack locator to establish and pinpoint the exact location and depth of any problems. We can even provide you with a DVD and full report for future reference.

Videoing your drain saves you money by reducing the need for unnecessary, potentially damaging excavation work.



New Home Buyers

Are you buying a new home?

Have you considered a pre-purchase drainage inspection? We are able to video the drains on any property in order to assess the condition of both the sewer and stormwater drains. Please email or phone  for further information.




8000PSI Waterblast Unit 








Tree Roots in Drain